We work together as a network with mutual respect.

As an employee of SEBN, you are part of a greater whole from the very beginning. Each employee is connected on a daily basis with a large number of colleagues, cultures and disciplines. And this on equal footing, since we respect, value and promote individuality and diversity – because it is precisely here that our strength lies.


Good separately, as a team unbeatable.

Our employees are ambitious, but they do not confront each other with elbowing tactics. A dog-eat-dog mentality? Not with us! On the contrary, colleagues and even executives work together on equal footing and tackle challenges together. “When the going gets tough here, no one sits in the corner and says ‘Not my job!’ – but rather, we all roll up our sleeves and work together to achieve our common goal as quickly as possible.” This enables us to realise projects within timeframes, which many other companies can only dream of.

In order to be able to satisfy the demands and requirements of our customers at such short notice, all departments must work together in close co-operation. “WE – this means not only us in production, but also all other departments. Only when we work together are we truly strong.”

An attitude, which is impressed on each and every one of us from the very beginning. “Even as a trainee, I am already well networked here. Once per quarter, there are induction days for all new employees, as well as an individual training and orientation plan. This way, you become acquainted with all departments. And even beyond my own team at the moment – I can approach anyone. All doors are open and you are never thrown in at the deep end. Especially when you are new at the job, this is a great feeling!”

Colleagues become friends.

It is extremely important to us that this openness is cultivated at all our international locations. To help achieve this goal, we also occasionally organise common, non-business activities, such as football tournaments, corporate marathons and Christmas parties. “There was recently a corporate marathon in Wolfsburg, where we won the first prize as the largest participating team – it was great fun for everyone!” We thus encourage personal and cultural exchange even beyond the workplace. And more than a few colleagues have become friends over time.