We work responsibly and with a great deal of personal freedom.

It is not that everyone can do as he or she pleases at SEBN. But our employees’ level of personal freedom is in fact exceptional. And this is precisely why they can accomplish so much. For themselves, for us, for our customers.


Those who strive for success here have all the chances in the world.

We have faith in the experience and competence of our people. Many projects are managed completely independently by responsible employees. Those who are deeply involved in a particular project are best equipped to decide which direction is most appropriate and which process steps are required. As a team, we are, of course, on hand at all times with the necessary support. When a problem arises, this too is taken on independently. This means: going personally to production to see where the difficulty lies and finding a suitable solution. These short communication channels not only make us quick to react – they also make working with us particularly exciting. “My job is a little like CSI: Miami,” one of our employees once said. “Each case is different.”

How “free” one is in terms of daily working processes at SEBN is also demonstrated by the fact that our employees are always able to contribute and implement their own ideas and concepts. Here, no one waits to be told what to do. Everyone makes his or her own contribution!

No one is frowned upon here

… when he or she leaves works earlier than usual. For us, the freedom of flexible working hours is one of the most important preconditions for gratification and thus for excellent performance at work. Overtime does not fall by the wayside, but can be accrued and, in co-ordination with colleagues, “cashed in” for time off as employees see fit.

Personal freedom not only for „old hands“

“Our trainee was directly involved, for example, in the run-up of the new Golf VII. He was, for the most part, independently responsible for the project management and timetables – always in conjunction with one or two more experienced colleagues, of course.” This motivates. Just as exciting opportunities during the training period do. “During my training, I assisted a design engineer, who was transferred to another project. As a result, I was able to do many exciting things myself – even flying to Pamplona to consult on a prototype, which gave me the opportunity, at a very early stage, to become acquainted with the kind of international project work so typical of SEBN.”